BBBS and OPP Big Bunch Partnership



Big Brothers Big Sisters of Grey Bruce and Western Simcoe and the Ontario Provincial Police Collingwood and the Blue Mountains Detachment, are teaming up to co-host events for youth in the Collingwood and the Blue Mountains areas!  

This collaborative initiative aims to foster positive relationships between local law enforcement and young individuals within our community. Through mentorship, guidance, and meaningful interactions, the BiggerTogether Big Bunch events in Collingwood and the Blue Mountains strive to bridge the gap between young people and the police force, promoting mutual understanding, trust, and  inter-community connections.  

Key features of the quarterly BiggerTogether Big Bunch events include: 

  • Mentorship: Volunteers, BBBS staff and officers will serve as mentors to youth participants, providing guidance, support, and a positive role model in their lives. 
  • Community Engagement Events: Quarterly events will be organized to welcome youth, families and volunteers from across Western Simcoe, we want to see you! 
  • Educational and Recreational Activities: Exciting educational and recreational activities will be integrated into the program to create a positive and enjoyable learning environment. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Grey Bruce and Western Simcoe and the OPP Collingwood and Blue Mountains Detachment are committed to creating a safer, more united community by investing in the positive development of our youth and fostering a sense of trust and collaboration.  

“We believe in building bridges and offering support where it’s needed most. Youth in Western Simcoe and across Grey and Bruce deserve opportunities to connect to their community, build trust and develop new skills – BiggerTogether is an opportunity for just that.”
-Beth Aubrey, Executive Director of BBBSGBWS 

“This is a program that will touch so many kids from all walks of life, particularly kids who are experiencing challenges. If we can be part of a program to support a positive relationship… between police officers and young kids, we’re going to do that,”
-detachment commander Insp. Loris Licharson 

This innovative collaboration reflects our shared commitment to building a stronger, more resilient community where young people feel supported, empowered, and valued. 

Big Bunch is a monthly event for all Mentors and Mentees to come together and have some fun while learning new skills and building new connections. These group activities also ensure Mentees on the wait list feel supported and connected while waiting to be matched with a caring mentor. The Big Bunch program is offered in various communities across Grey, Bruce and Western Simcoe and focuses on building partnerships and investing in youth development.   

Previous activities have included a pool day at Harrison Park in Owen Sound, an outing to the Bruce County Museum in  Southampton to see the “Wonderful Wildlife” show, and this past fall a trip to the Farmer’s Pantry farm in Clarksburg to enjoy the changing of the seasons! We’re looking forward to the new and exciting activities the OPP will share with our community!