We know that youth benefit from mentoring, the stats show it.
But have you thought about the benefits to being a mentor? We break it down here.


Meaningful connections

Through mentoring time with a mentee, Bigs create a genuine connection. A Big/Little relationship is a mutually beneficial friendship that both parties give and take from. 

Fresh perspectives 

Often our Bigs and Littles come from different backgrounds and so Bigs have the opportunity to see life through the eyes of their mentee. Bigs and Littles have the chance to learn about and engage in different cultures, traditions, and other experiences.  

A greater sense of purpose 

Bigs are often relied on to be a listening ear, a trusted friend, and a voice of guidance. It is a big responsibility to be all of those things to a youth- and that can give one a sense of self-worth. When we give to others we feel connected to something greater than ourselves and feel good about the impact we are making. 

Community Connection 

Mentors are often called upon to fill some of the gaps in a young person’s life. Bigs provide support by recognizing potential and helping their Little see it too! Our Bigs get a wonderful sense of pride for being involved, and imagine what our community would look like if we all had someone supporting our potential! 

It’s fun! 

Our matches spend time doing many fun things together, whether that be going to the movies, the park, doing arts & crafts, cooking and so much more!